About Us


About us

Be-life app started road with '' Life is simple '' motto in 2021. During the 2 years Be-life app first in Germany and Turkey then all over the World, presented investment, games, shopping and health services in one application. Be-life app is a Fintech Super app that developed games based on blockchain technology and adapted NFT and Metaverse systems.

Be-life app constantly develops itself with its research-development policy and has features as shopping with the advantages from world-wide famous brands, winning awards by playing games, reaching health and beauty treatment services, and purchasing NFTs. Be-life app hosts a lot of international users who want to take advantage of these services.

Be-life app's team has faith to improve your lifestyle constantly, therefore it does not only focus on rapid changes, but also provides a fantastic opportunity to have fun while playing games and shopping.

Our vision

Make life easier.

Our mission

In order to make the life easier, to gather the necessary applications under one reliable place, thus not only saving time and effort but also create income for users.