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How May we help you as Be-life team ?


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How to Register on Be-Life App

Open the Be-Life application and click on the [Log in/Register] button that you will find in the up-left corner of the screen. Follow all the necessary instructions by inserting your e-mail address and a password/ Do NOT forget to carefully read the Terms&Conditions and click on the [Register] button/

How do I make transactions with my cryptocurrencies on Be-Life?

Enter the [Features] menu and click on the [Buy&Sell Tokens] option.
Enter the amount of tokens you want in USD or BRZE.
Do NOT forget to carefully read the Be-Life service agreement and click on the [Buy Now] button.

How will Be-Life improve the way I live?

Thanks to the health & shopping features, you will be able to improve and track the way your body looks. Moreover, our games will also help you relax, this way being able to enjoy a healthy, yet relaxing lifestyle.

What is the relevancy of Be-Life in the world of cryptocurrencies?

This mobile application is an actual tool you can comfortably use to store your tokens in the wallet, make transactions with them, and even participate in the staking process.

I need help. How can I contact you?

You can reach us at our email address: e-Mail

Shopping Questions

What are the shopping-related features on Be-Life?

Starting with August 2021, you will have access to not less than 4 worldwide-known brands directly from your pocket! Get ready to start shopping internationally on Be-Life.

What are the games-related features on Be-Life?

Starting with September 2021, you will be able to play 5 games on your phone and be proud of your score when you will be in Top 10 every week. Yes, we will offer prizes: $1000 every week!

What are the health-related features on Be-Life?

In 2021, the month of October will be the best start for a better body! We will be able to count your steps, so you can make a plan based on that and get in shape: We will also track your results!