Code of Ethics



Be-life determines below the ethical codes to be applied in all kinds of business and transactions with its customers and business partners, other individuals and organizations, and its employees with this text.
Thus, the reputation of our company is enhanced, stability, and trust are maintained.

1.Law and regulations

1.1. Transactions in our company are carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country. Therefore, our employees act in compliance with laws and company procedures.

2. Privacy

2.1. The company's trade secrets, personal information of employees such as wages, performance, health status, and information about our customers and business partners are kept confidential and are not shared with anyone.

3. Working limitations

3.1. Employees do not work in another job. However, with the approval of the management, they can work in associations, foundations, vocational, and educational institutions serving for the public interest.

4. Political neutrality

4.1. Employees do not become representatives or make any propaganda in favor or against any political party in the company.

5. No personal use

5.1. Employees do not use the information obtained during their duties in favor of themselves and others.
5.2. Employees do not accept any personal benefits or gifts in transactions made on behalf of the company. All gifts are delivered to human resources

6. Relationships with media

6.1. Employees do not write or make statements to the media and social media on company-related issues without the approval of the board of directors.

7. Well use of company assets

7.1 Employees take good care of the company assets.

8. Behaviors

8.1.Employees perform their duties in a transparent, responsible and accountable manner.
8.2. Employees do not engage in any behavior or activity that will damage the reputation of the company, both inside and outside the company.
8.3. The employees of our company always work with their colleagues in mutual respect, trust, solidarity, and team spirit.
8.4. Employees representing the company dress as required by their duties.

9. Relationship with clients and business partners

9.1. Employees adhere to the principle of honesty in their relations with customers, business partners, and other institutions and organizations, provide clear and accurate information to customers on issues such as rights and obligations, and performs services in a timely and complete manner.
9.2. Practices restricting free competition are not used, competitor companies and products are not disparaged.

10. Equality in Opportunity

10.1. Based on the principle of equal opportunity, our company does not discriminate among its employees based on religion, language, or race. Recruitment and promotion criteria are qualification, knowledge, experience, and performance.

11. Social responsibility

11.1. Social responsibility projects are developed and organizations working for this purpose are supported and the company makes cooperation with them.

12. Work health and safety

12.1. Necessary measures are taken to provide employees a healthy, safe, and peaceful working environment and the opportunity to develop their careers.

13. Responsibilities of managers in creating a working environment in conformity with ethical codes

13.1. Ethical codes are important for both our company's and personal success. Supervision of compliance with ethical rules in our company is the responsibility of the managers.
13.2. Managers should always set an example for their employees with their behavior and decisions.
13.3. When violations of ethical codes are reported to managers, they are immediately evaluated, and necessary actions are carried out.

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